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Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a new modem technology that turns an ordinary telephone line into a multi-tasking access medium. ITServices' ADSL Internet service will provide you with always available flat rated Internet access.


  • ADSL with
  • 512 Kbps downstream
  • 256 Kbps upstream
  • ADSL Modem and Surge Protector
  • 3 e-Mail addresses
  • Anti-virus protection (Server level)
  • Publishing


Telkom's ADSL access service will expand the power of your existing telephone line, providing an always available ITServices link from your home or office to the Internet. With Telkom's ADSL access service, a single phone line becomes a true multi-tasking tool, allowing you to surf the Internet while talking on the phone or sending a fax simultaneously

Your ADSL access bandwidth will not be affected if you are simultaneously using the phone or sending a fax. ITService's ADSL access service will offer an always available connection with no dial-up necessary, no more waiting to establish a connection and no more busy signals. You will not be billed for your connection time when you make use of ITService's ADSL access service to surf the Internet. Telkom's fees are also billed on a flat monthly rate.


ADSL is a best effort service and no guarantees are provided on throughput. ADSL is an access medium to the Internet or your preferred ISP and will not come any bandwidth related constraints within the World Wide Web.

To provide all ADSL customers with a reasonable service a 3 Gigabyte limit was introduced as part of the Internet service to ensure that power users do not abuse the international bandwidth and to equally distribute the limited bankwidth amongst all ADSL access end users.

Once a customer exceeds the 3 Gigabyte volume limit for the month his international traffic will be transported over a slower international link without affecting his local access. He will experience slower access speeds on the alternate international link, as he will then be sharing this link with all other customers who exceed the 3 Gigabyte cap.


  • No connection charges
  • R270/Month

Upgrade Option

  • Diginet
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