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Diginet is a dedicated, synchronous data transfer service. It provides round-the-clock, secure, high quality, point-to-point services over a digital transmission network.

Diginet is a point-to-point connection available 24/7. It is aimed at customers who utilise their data network for most of the day on applications needing constant bandwidth.


  • Diginet Basic offers speeds from 2.4 Kbps up to 64 Kbps and is aimed at small to medium organisations.
  • Diginet Plus offers speeds from 128 Kbps up to 2 Mbps in 64 Kbps aggregates, and is aimed at medium to large organisations which have higher bandwidth needs.


  • Dedicated diginet line
  • Always available Internet
  • Fixed IP
  • Unlimited usage
  • Router configuration
  • Shared infrastructure


  • An improved error ratio compared to analogue leased lines
  • Higher availability of service due to monitoring of the network
  • Expansion of capacity to cater for future demand
  • International connectivity
  • Higher speed range compared to analogue leased lines

Price - Diginet Basic

  • R3500 once off
  • R3500/Month

Price - Diginet Plus

  • R3500 once off
  • R7000/Month
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