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A domain name (Web address) is your Internet identity and your unique online brand. Customers will remember and use this address to find your Web site, your products or your services.

For examples, the domain name (Web address) represents the companies internet Website. When you type into a Web browser or send e-mail to someone at, the Domain Name System translates into the Internet Protocol (IP) numbers used by the Internet to locate destinations and connects you to itservices Internet.

Domain Registration


  • R250 once off
  • R100/Year

Domain Reservation

A domain reservation can be used to register a domain name and reserve it for later use. A domain reservation does not include any active Internet services. Even if you are not planning to reorganise your Internet services for a while, it may be wise to decide, register, and host a domain name without any services, by applying for a Domain Reservation

Domain Redirection

Register as many domains as required and redirect them all to your main web page

Price - Redirected to ITServices hosting

  • R50/Month

Price - Redirected to non-ITServices hosting

  • R65/Month
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