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The Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is an evolution of the telephone network and it provides new functions and services on the already existing digital telephone exchange

Digital access from the customer's premises gives you the ability to make possible end-to-end digital connections that can support a wide variety of services such as speech, video telephony, video conference, facsimile, data and image transfer. i.e. you can make voice calls while connected to the Internet transmitting and receiving data.


  • ISDN
  • 3 e-Mail addresses
  • 5MB Personal web space
  • Unlimited usage
  • Anti-virus protection (Server side)


  • A competitive advantage because of inexpensive and virtually unlimited communications power
  • A strategic business tool that allows global and national corporates to share information and expertise to participate in complex transactions and decision-making
  • Simplicity - One access various services
  • Reliability - high quality error free transmission
  • Flexibility because it is a switched digital network
  • A solution today because ISDN is established
  • Enhanced productivity because of increased speed and capacity
  • Cost savings because of reduced cost of many existing communication applications and enables the development of integrated applications that open new horizons in the business communications.


  • R171/Month

Upgrade Options

  • ADSL
  • Diginet
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